The Food Independence Series is dedicated to gardeners and farmers worldwide who take up the responsibility of growing healthy organic food as a sacred duty for the pleasure of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna.

As the Age of Kali descends, food security will become the defining principle for reshaping and re-spiritualizing human society around the principles of love and trust. Kindness to animals—especially the cows and bulls—will herald in an agrarian golden age in which brahminical culture will flourish because the agricultural landscape will be alive with human activity.

With a safe and stable food supply at hand, all the varnas and ashrams can peacefully execute their prescribed duties and that is why Srila Prabhupada referred to farming as “the most noble occupation, the gifted profession.” Farming for the pleasure of the Deities, the devotees and people in general addresses the most fundamental of human needs—eating—with worship, care of the earth and human kindness.

The video featured here connects the viewer to the possibility of embracing a rural lifestyle that is spiritually enlivening and economically sustainable.


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