The best statement I could make to summarize what’s involved with growing truck loads of organic produce in sub-tropical Southern Mississippi is… “It ain’t easy!” The challenges include nutrient-poor soils, stifling heat and humidity from June through October, punishing rains, bugs by the millions, soil borne funguses, blights, and let’s not forget the periodic hurricane which knocks everything down.

The good news is that we’re doing it despite the obstacles. Public demand for organic produce is off the charts as more and more people connect the dots between what they eat and their declining health. In fact, sustainable farming is the fastest growing agricultural sector in the United States.

Because we avoid using toxic chemical inputs such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, our range of crops is somewhat restricted compared to cooler latitudes in the North.

Our visiting student apprentices learn technique — methods and materials for best practices — but of equal importance is understanding the spiritual principles inherent with socially responsible farming.

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